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Featuring Japanese designer rule design.
global leading Lifestyle commercial Center design concept

 Japan commercial design experts -フジクラand みやけ かずおfrom Japan born rule design specification for commercial building, completely based on the standard of business operation needs and planning, and equipped with advanced comprehensive facilities, followed distinctive dumbbell style of interior and facade, comprehensive platform driven layout, garden, passenger piazza with openness in architectural design, space environment design, with emphasis on the design of formats, beautiful humanity and environmental protection.
 Dynatown shopping centre positioning
En-Closed Mall
Following the first new lifestyle center, make high-end En Closed Mall
Top design combined scientifically with business planning, shopping, entertainment, food and beverage, recreation, education functions makes Dongguan first high-end home building "En - Closed Mall", forward-looking guide urban new life, a new commercial pattern of open, surely will become the new charm business.centre.

Facilities: dumbbell shape regional shopping centers,
Facilities position: high-grade consumption level
Total construction area: 13 million square meters (ground three layers of 8.3 million square meters, ground two layers of 5.3 million square meters),
Parking lot for 1600 car park (about 1500, underground parking, about 100 ground parking),

Include a variety of central management system.
Air conditioning system, intelligent management system, fire-fighting system, armrest elevator, elevator, tourism elevator and other transportation system, the central consulting distribution system and consultation system together.